Corrective Actions

Address On-Site Safety Issues As They Arise

From missing signage to dangerous weather conditions, SALUS has you covered. Speed up communication between workers and management to get safety issues handled in minutes, not days.
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Inefficient safety processes lead to poor results in the field. Protect your workers (and your bottom line) with corrective action software designed specifically for the construction industry.


Respond to safety incidents in real-time, assign corrective tasks, and follow up if needed. No spreadsheets or guesswork required.

Leave a paper trail (minus the paper). Every required task is digitally documented in your regular workflow, giving you a complete history of corrective actions whenever you need it.

Get real-time status updates. Flag incidents to other workers in real time, so you can get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.
Empower your crew. Instead of flagging down the foreman, workers can create their own corrective actions right in the app.

See the big picture. Admins have full visibility of corrective actions across the entire organization, right from their dashboard.


No frills. No bloat. SALUS is a simple-to-use, safety management platform created for the construction industry.

digital forms

Say goodbye to paper forms. With SALUS, digital forms are collected, accessed and managed in real-time. Automatic filters and search capabilities help you prepare for audits and answer customer requests at the push of a button.

Compliance Management

Safety compliance is a huge liability. Keep your business safe and secure by monitoring daily activities in real-time. If workers fall behind on forms, you’ll be able to follow up and get those forms completed.

Certificate Management

Stop wasting time with manual, excel-based certificate management. SALUS’ end-to-end certificate management tool includes high-level reporting, expiration management, notifications, and a digital wallet that lets you access certificates at any time.

Asset Management

Manage your field equipment, even when you’re out of office. SALUS ensures that you stay up to date on necessary inspections with asset logbooks, notifications, and preventable maintenance reminders.

Subcontractor Portal

Don’t waste time chasing after subcontractors. Empower them to submit their own forms or complete yours as needed. You’ll know at a glance who’s compliant and how to follow up if needed.

Corrective Actions

Spreadsheets and paper-based, corrective action systems leaves you vulnerable with a narrow trail for due diligence. With SALUS, create a single source of truth for all disciplinary actions assigned and easily track follow-ups, quick responses, and proof of completion to close the loop.

Incidents Management

Create incident cases in minutes while linking forms, workers, and subcontractor profiles. Spot incident trends and take action to prevent them from happening again.

Customer Stories

See how we partner with our customers to build the future of safety.


Let’s build a culture of compliance. Get set up with SALUS in three simple steps.

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