a better way to manage your safety System.

At SALUS, we take a centralized approach to site safety. We connect the field to the office in real-time and simplify a complex environment with our safety software.

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I liked how friendly the staff were to help set this product up. They were always available to answer any questions and offer help when needed.
Safety Officer @ Hestia Construction Inc.

Lower Incidents by monitoring safety compliance from anywhere with incident tracking and notifications.

Salus Safety Save Time

Save Time with a purpose-built digital platform that can centralize all data and content in one place.

Salus Safety Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost with a mobile and desktop safety solution built to mimic job site workflows and streamline efficiencies.

Salus is 100% dedicated to safety. no swiss army knife, no coloring outside the lines. Just safety.

key features at a glance

Digital Forms

Salus Safety Subcontractor Portal

Subcontractor Portal

Salus Safety Compliance Management

Compliance Management


Salus Safety Asset Management

Asset management


Salus Safety Certificate Management

Certificate Management


Salus Safety Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions


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