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How LMS Used SALUS To Achieve Adoption Of Digital Safety

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A digital system in which to add, fill, track, and store documentation

Customer Story | Amanda Lucke

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Everything is within the SALUS program. Fieldwork, safety, and training–all in the app.

Amanda Lucke, Training Manager @ LMS Reinforcing Steel Group


Surrey, BC, Canada


Steel & Rebar

The Company – Improving Daily Efficiencies for LMS

LMS Reinforcing Steel Group is a leading independent fabricator and installer of reinforcing steel that works across North America. In the Lower Mainland alone, they have more than 170 job sites and more than 500 workers. Amanda Lucke is a Training Manager at LMS who has been using SALUS for more than two years. Since adopting the SALUS software, Amanda and her team have been able to transform how training and safety are conducted within the company by making it more efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

The Challenge – Maintaining Consistency Across 170 Sites

As the Training Manager, Amanda is responsible for ensuring all employees meet regulatory requirements and support a safe work environment. In her role, she found there were many challenges in providing consistent training across such a large company. Oftentimes, paperwork is the last thing on a foreman’s mind. If it’s a busy day at a crowded site, paperwork and documentation can easily be neglected. Not to mention, mounds of paperwork make organization difficult, cumbersome, and sometimes dangerous. Piles of paperwork can stay stacked in small site offices for months, sometimes years. Multiply this by 170 sites and you’ve got some serious safety concerns on your hands.

The Solution – Accessible Digital Documentation

The team at SALUS provided Amanda and her team with a centralized place to manage their training and safety documentation. By creating a digital system in which to add, fill, track, and store documentation, Amanda can create an organized system to help ensure safety across the company. In her training programs, she can easily pull up worker certifications and send them to any contractors who have requested them. When doing safety inspections, she can quickly cross-check forms across job sites, foremen, and workers with ease. Plus, the added customization features that are available with the app allow her to create forms unique to each worker, site, or industry. This helps her and her team optimize their forms as they grow, improving training and safety standards along the way.

The Results – Safety Made Simple

In a time where busy schedules can easily lead to paperwork being neglected, Amanda can take comfort in knowing that she has a streamlined system designed to keep her team’s safety needs organized. The SALUS platform has improved convenience, organization, and productivity for LMS teams who desperately needed a modern solution to paperwork. In addition, the easy adoption of the SALUS system into projects has helped to create a smooth transition into the digital documentation era. No matter the language, culture, or education of LMS workers, SALUS is making safety simple for everyone.

“It’s hard to imagine life before using SALUS.”

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