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Optimizing Safety Management: The Importance of Real-Time Information

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December 6, 2019

Safety management and technology are two things that go hand in hand. The status quo for safety management practices is pen and paper documentation and storage. This standard creates inherent challenges and inefficiencies for a company’s business and safety practices. The future of safety management is undoubtedly digital, and with this optimization comes real-time information that your employees can access instantly.

The future of safety management is undoubtedly digital.

One problem with the pen and paper practice is that documents need to be recorded in the field and then sent back to the administrators for data entry and storage. In the best environments, this will likely take at least a few days to turn around. More likely, it’ll take weeks as field workers, and administrators become backlogged with work, and some items might even fall through the cracks.

Field-Level Workers Do All The Work (And It’s Easy)

Where a digital safety management platform is very beneficial is that field-level workers are doing both their job and the administrators’ job when they submit their documents from their cell phone. They can upload photos and any other documents to the cloud, which can be accessed by anyone in the company that needs and has permission to access the documents as soon as they hit send.

Know Where Your Workers Are

Another benefit to real-time information is knowing exactly which contractors or employees are on different sites. When you have over 60 people to manage, keeping track of everyone on spreadsheets or email threads can be very tedious and time-consuming.

Each morning you can see these things on your dashboard and get notifications to ensure compliance.

Don’t Expose Yourself To Unnecessary Risks

For example, how do you know that one of your contractor’s certificates hasn’t expired overnight, and they need to submit new documents? It would be terrible if an accident occurred, and because of an administrative error that wasn’t addressed, your company exposes itself to legal risks.

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