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Expert Advice on Getting Started With Mobile Safety Software

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January 5, 2020

Every construction company faces a variety of decisions about how to grow as a business. One crucial decision is deciding which technologies to integrate into the company. For managing safety documentation – a mobile safety software would make the most sense. The tech you choose is up to you. While you make your decision, here is something to think about.

Remember the most important thing when making any technology decision is the impact the tech has to enable a worker to do their job correctly and safely.

Ensuring technology has a positive impact for our customers is something Salus believes at our core. The mobile safety software we designed is for construction and industrial companies across Canada. We’ve worked with small shops and large organizations to roll out a solution that streamlines safety compliance successfully.

Here are some lessons we learned about customer success.


Onboarding – Set The Stage

Every great customer success journey starts with a great onboarding process. Often, the onboarding phase is where confidence in the technology is either won or lost. A smooth process helps minimize employee pushback, and a lousy onboarding process magnifies it.

Our customer success team believes a thorough analysis of the existing workflows is the best place to start.

From here, we map out how our safety software will work into these current workflows, who will be working with it, and start collecting all your safety forms.

Software Configuration – Going Live

Doesn’t matter your workflow, our development team will configure your environment to meet your needs. Our customer success prides itself on working to make technology integration as painless as possible.

We collect your safety forms – whether your company has ten forms or 120 forms – and replicate each of them to create a similar workflow and feel when using Salus Pro.

Next, we set up your employees, contractors, and administrators and work with you to make sure your environment is set up for success.

Training – Driving Adoption

Now, it’s time to get your people using technology to their highest potential.

Your administrators need to understand how the software operates – thoroughly enough to further train employees and answer questions that are coming in from the field. When our team leaves, they will know the software about as well as we do.

Administrators will learn how to use the web app for reporting and checking real-time information regarding who and what is happening on their worksites.

For field-level workers, it’s easy as face-timing your family. They download the app, login, and have access to all their forms, and worksites we’ve set up for them.

Now they fill out the form, as usual, take pictures, and everything is stored safely in the cloud. You are ready to go.

In Conclusion

By now, you know a bit more about our customer success process. If you are thinking about transitioning into a mobile safety software, please reach out to our team, and we can take you through a demo.

For owners and managers facing big decisions about integrating technology into their construction business – take the insights into our process for helping our customers succeed and use them to evaluate potential vendors.

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