Concrete Form Working Company uses Digital Safety Software

Giusti Group – Digital Safety Case Study

We sat down with Jamie Fraser, HSE Manager from Giusti Group of Companies, to learn more about their transition to digital safety.


Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the Giusti Group of Companies operates throughout Western Canada and is an industry leader in heavy industrial, commercial, and multi-family residential construction, with a specialization in concrete forming.

Currently, 250 workers as well as Giusti’s subcontractors use the SalusPro Platform as the foundation for their digital safety program.



Q: How have safety procedures and documentation processes evolved over your career?

“It’s shifted from paper-driven to digital which is a great help at staying organized and reducing costs. With SalusPro, all you need is a cell phone, which everyone has, and it promotes a stronger safety culture.

We’ve run operations in industrial settings, with 1000’s of workers on-site. SalusPro eliminates the headaches of having to deal with so many forms a day.”


Q: What is your safety culture at Giusti Group? 

“The bottom line is to keep the guys from getting hurt. If there is a major incident – we need to track it with documentation, and SalusPro makes it easy to do so.

Since we can do full signs-offs, track, and easily produce these documents, we can prevent these incidents from recurring. And on top of that, we can even do it remotely.”


Q: What does your day-to-day look like?

“First and foremost, our priority is to make sure we have an adequate safety program in place.

By administering the appropriate training to our workers and following up to ensure our policies and procedures are being adhered to.

The SalusPro platform gives us excellent capabilities to track in real-time the operations of our crews in multiple cities and provinces.

We have 25 worksites and I am now able to manage these sites from a desk in the main office.

Before SalusPro, we wouldn’t find out if there was an incident unless we were onsite, whereas now, this allows us to track all the sites right from the software with ease.”


“With thousands of workers on-site SalusPro eliminates the headaches of dealing with so many forms every day.”


Q: Was it easy to adapt your paper forms for the digital environment?

“Yes! And this is one of Salus’ great strengths! Being able to make custom forms specific to our company is an amazing feature.

Salus is great at helping us develop new forms and customize the system to what we need.”


Q: What is your experience with the Subcontractor Portal?

“For subcontractors that don’t have active safety platforms, It’s been a great way to get them on board – the process is simple.

There have been a few growing pains with subcontractors running multiple platforms, but the Customer Success team at Salus helped us to overcome any of the adoption hurdles that arose.”


Q: With so many safety platforms, why did you choose SalusPro?“

So many reasons! Customer Success at Salus – hands down one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had. Anytime there’s an issue, the Salus team gets it dealt with swiftly.

The forms they have are great – I can go from creating a new safety work feature in the software, send it to the workers who can start working within a few minutes. It helps us avoid hold-ups and enables us to get the job done safely.

It’s more than just a safety platform – We use it to go back and see where there were hold-ups and understand why.”


“Hands down one of the best customer service experiences.”
– Jamie Fraser on working with Salus


Q: Any advice for companies who are thinking of going digital?

“When it comes to liabilities we are all hesitant to change, but the world now, pretty much everything is digital.

When it comes to the safety component I strongly encourage people to move over – it’s much more cost-efficient – and it will allow people to better use resources to keep people safe.”


Q: Was switching to digital more cost-effective?

“We did a cost analysis and it determined that going with SalusPro was a great cost-saving!

We saved money on paper, storage, employees/managers time and equipment such as printers and ink.”


Q: Anything you’d like to add?

“We had our first COR external audit this year using SalusPro and it was fantastic.

We met our requirements and were able to do a more thorough and quick job – finding documents with ease! It saved us time and hassle by being able to find things with just a few clicks.

I am actually looking forward to future audits.”


“We had our first COR external audit this year using SalusPro and it was fantastic.”


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About Salus

Salus is a digital safety solutions provider for the North American construction industry. Founded by the former head of a high-rise window installation company, Salus has incorporated real-world site level safety experience into the design of its flagship platform, SalusPro – a web-based solution for the business level and mobile app for the field.

With workflows that mirror how safety programs operate in the construction industry today and with the ability to manage subcontractors, assets, incidents and compliance, Salus is at the forefront of innovation for cloud-based safety.

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