Construction, Resource Worksites Remain Operational With Aid of Safety App

Construction, Resource Worksites Remain Operational With Aid of Safety App

SalusPro waives fees for digital tool that helps manage worksite safety during COVID-19

Vancouver, BC; April 21, 2020 – In an effort to keep worksites safe and operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, SalusPro has announced that it is waiving subscription fees for its worksite safety software for the duration of the crisis. The B.C.-based tech company, whose app allows construction and resource sector companies to digitize their worksite safety management systems, has also loaded COVID-19 self-assessment tools and workplace physical distancing guidelines onto the app to help these companies continue to operate safe work environments during the pandemic.

“Construction and resource companies know that they will only be allowed to keep operating as long as they are able to protect the health and safety of their workers – that is why, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we knew that we were in a position to help,”  said Gabe Guetta, CEO of SalusPro. “Our app allows companies to take their safety management system digital, removing the need for paper forms that would be handled by multiple people and risk spreading the virus”.

Safety regulations require construction workers to fill out multiple safety forms at the start of each shift. However, using paper forms can bring with it the risk of spreading COVID-19 as forms and pens are passed from person to person.

“COVID-19 has forced us to completely rethink the way we go about construction,” said Ben Sleeman, Director of Safety at LMS Reinforcing Steel Group. “SalusPro has allowed us to digitize all of our daily paperwork and quickly notify our entire workforce of new COVID-19-related policies and procedures, right from the app”.

Given the need for construction and resource sector companies to be able to monitor their employees’ health during the pandemic, SalusPro has also added a daily COVID-19 self-assessment tool to its app. The tool asks employees a series of questions about their health before each of their shifts. Managers of any employees experiencing symptoms are immediately notified so that they can take steps to safeguard the health of these employees and their coworkers.

Companies who have ditched paper-based forms and made the switch to digital are not only citing the reduced transmission risk of COVID-19 as a benefit, but also the significant decrease in the time that safety officers have to spend gathering, checking and searching for these forms.

“The SalusPro app has saved us countless hours in the collection and management of worksite safety documents,” said Ron Strik, Construction Manager at Appia Developments. “Now, everything is at our fingertips. What used to take a day or so of searching through paper records to find, we can now bring up in a few clicks of a button on the app”.

Construction and resource sector companies are required to keep detailed safety records and forms for all of their employees going back several years. If a workplace accident happens or an employee makes a worker’s compensation claim and the company is unable to provide the safety records from that time or the records are incomplete, they could incur significant financial costs.