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What’s The Difference Between Hazard and Risk | How Safety Software Helps

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December 12, 2019

What’s the difference between hazard and risk? Well, a hazard is something that can cause harm — from a chemical burn, falling from a ladder, or any other activity on a worksite that can injure someone, including bullies.

Risk is the probability that a hazard is likely to occur. Each company has its own risk tolerance, which they reflect in their safety management practices.

One of the most successful ways to identify a hazard in the field is a visual examination of the environment.

Companies require their field-level workers to document their daily hazard assessments on forms and submit them to management for safety compliance.

However, the pen and paper process is not the most effective safety management practice. There is no way to attach photos to paperwork and visualize the hazards (without being time-consuming and resource-intensive).

A hazard is something that can cause harm...Risk is the probability that a hazard is likely to occur.

So How Does Safety Software Help Minimize Risk and Hazards?

Safety software has many benefits. One essential benefit that safety software offers to minimize risks and hazards at the field-level is by eliminating all the paper. Moving all these documents into an app allows workers to focus on having one thing with them while on-site from a safety compliance standpoint — their cellphone.

Beyond this, a digital risk matrix takes away any ambiguity that comes from a worker interpreting paper documents to identify the risks and hazards of a worksite as they perceive them. Working with software ensures that they recognize all the dangers the way your company sees them through drop-downs and multi-select tools.

Additionally, it can take weeks for paper documents to make it into the system from an administrative standpoint. How will your company know if a worker or contractor is submitting all the proper documents under this system? Or that they are taking the necessary safety precautions on-site? Usually, by the time something is recognized, it’s too late.

Going digital makes this whole process quick and painless. Workers are now doing your administrative work (and enjoy it more than paper documentation). Management has access to real-time information about which crews, worksites have documentation and safety concerns.

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