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Streamlining A Safety Program With Stampede Electric

We interviewed Jenny Buck, the Executive Assistant at Stampede Electric, to understand what the impact has been since transitioning their safety program to a digital platform and the benefits they’re seeing having implemented SalusPro as its foundation.


Stampede Electric is a Calgary based company with over 100 years of combined Electrical Contracting Experience. They’ve acquired a reputation for delivering
the highest standards of excellence in their industry.

Their highly skilled professional staff manage
a variety of Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi-Family, Service, and Solar Projects.

Stampede has an average of 50 workers on their job sites at any given time, with 13 active projects currently underway.

Q: When did Stampede Electric start using Salus? And how were you introduced to the idea of moving to a digital safety program?

We started using SalusPro in September 2019.

We were getting our COR certification and our safety consultant suggested that it would save us a lot of time and money if we removed paper from the equation and went digital. He recommended SalusPro, and after reviewing the different platforms, we agreed it had the most to offer.

Their software is a very powerful tool, and the customer service is excellent. Whenever we need anything, they are ready to help right away.


Q: What factors played a crucial role in your decision about which safety software to invest in?

Support from our software provider is critical to me. I also wanted safety software that is easy to use and intuitive in its design, so that the field would be able to “get it” without needing a ton of support.


“I don’t have to dig around or wait for anything anymore. With a couple of clicks, all the information is in front of me.”


Q: What was life like before going paperless, and where are you today?

It was horrible. We had huge stacks of paper with employees filling out forms daily. Our safety consultant literally drove around to all of our job sites every week to collect paperwork, then file it.

With Salus being entirely online, we get the worker’s forms immediately through the app. Everything is right there and super easy to find whatever we need, when we need it. There’s no more digging through disorganized, illegible and crumpled paper documents.

SalusPro is also an excellent tool for training new hires. All of our safety meetings are saved to the platform and employees can access them at any time.


Q: What was the response from your workers when you decided to move to a digital program?

Not surprisingly, some of the older generation didn’t like the idea of change, but once they were trained and the Foremen were comfortable with the platform, they were able to help anyone who was running into challenges. In the end, the field was up and running quickly.


Q: What features do you enjoy most within the SalusPro platform?

The digital forms and certificate tracking features are my favourite. Workers sign their forms directly from their phones, and I can access them immediately through our dashboard. With the certificate tracking, we see all of our workers’ active certificates and set notifications when they’re about to expire, which allows us to renew everything on time.

Since we’re COR Certified, every employee must have a witness certificate and we’re able to store those right in their profiles.

It used to be so tedious figuring out who needed recertification. It’s also easier for employees since they no longer have to carry around their physical certificates.

We made it mandatory for everyone to set up a full profile, including their picture, phone number, and emergency contact.

The Salus team created a revolutionary custom form for Stampede by digitizing our “Service Jobs and Work Order” form. This has sped up the billing process by at least 50%.


Q: What advice would you give to companies that are hesitant to make the jump to digital safety?

Change is a good thing! Especially when it saves time and money!

It may seem like a significant investment initially, but we saved the whole platform’s cost in printing alone – not to mention that everything is so much easier and more organized.


“Change is a good thing! Especially when it saves time and money!”


Q: Would you say this app has helped strengthen the safety culture within Stampede Electric?

Yes, people are taking safety more seriously and they’re looking for ways to get more involved in the process. We have more people joining the safety committee – whereas before we didn’t have much of a safety committee at all.

Before Salus, workers didn’t review the safety manual. Now that we have the manual on the app, they’re looking at it frequently. Nobody in the field cared because it was just too complicated. Having it in digital form in SalusPro has made it way easier for people to access and understand.


Q: Do you use the subcontractor portal?

We don’t use the subcontractor portal in our environment, as we are mostly employee based. However, when working with a general contractor using the Salus subcontractor portal, it makes document management very easy or us and for them, and we can share forms.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Customer support has been incredible! They help with anything – and complete most of our requests within the same day.

We are saving a minimum of $3,000 in paper and ink, and 12K in employee salaries every year.

The whole process, from setup to rollout, was about a week, which is fantastic.


“It may seem like a significant investment initially, but we saved the whole platform’s cost in printing alone”
– Jenny Buck on working with SalusPro


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About Salus

Salus is a digital safety solutions provider for the North American construction industry. Founded by the former head of a high-rise window installation company, Salus has incorporated real-world site level safety experience into the design of its flagship platform, SalusPro – a web-based solution for the business level and mobile app for the field.

With workflows that mirror how safety programs operate in the construction industry today and with the ability to manage subcontractors, assets, incidents and compliance, Salus is at the forefront of innovation for cloud-based safety.

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