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The 3 pillars of        Digital Safety

The industry is going digital. Are you?

Digitization isn’t just the way of the future, it’s the way companies are competing to stay relevant in today’s market. When your competitors are turning to technology to get the job done faster, safer, and easier – you don’t want to get left behind.

Download this Ebook on the 3 Pillars of Digital Safety to uncover the core elements of modern safety technology and discover the opportunities it opens for your crews, their compliance, and your business.

A sneak peek at what you’ll learn


1. digital safety is more than pdfs, spreadsheets, and shared drives

Just as your safety program is more than just forms, digital safety goes beyond fillable PDFs for your crews. Digital safety centralizes every component of your safety into one place.


2. gain visibility and stay proactive

The true benefit of a digital safety program is the visibility you gain on your sites, workers, and your overall compliance. A good safety platform will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions and stay proactive.


3. Connect your entire workforce

Digital tools put safety in the hands of your workers, from anywhere and at anytime. So if an incident does occur, everyone has access to the information they need to ensure the same thing never happens twice.


Centralize Safety Documentation
Before SALUS, we wouldn’t find out if there was an incident unless we were on site. Whereas now, this allows us to track all the sites right from the software with ease.
Jamie Fraser, HSE Manager @ Giusti Group of Companies

With a Digital Safety Management Platform









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