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How LMS Uses Salus to Easily Track and Manage Their Daily Safety Forms

We recently sat down with Ben Sleeman, Director of Safety for North America at LMS Reinforcing Steel Group. Ben shared his experience taking LMS’ safety program from paper to digital with Salus.

With the help of Salus, Ben can:

  • Track and manage 250+ daily forms from one single database
  • Focus on safety in the field rather than paperwork in the office
  • Easily train and enable workers to use the app in the field

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About LMS

LMS Reinforcing Steel Group is the leading independent fabricator and installer of reinforcing steel in North America – in a high risk sector building super structures, from bridges to stadiums, to commercial buildings and residential buildings.

It can be one of the most dangerous sectors therefore, having meticulous safety procedures and policies are essential to keep the employees safe.

Between 600 employees & 25 subcontractors, LMS sees an average of 250 forms being submitted per day.

Salus Safety Subcontractor Portal
Me and my team have the bandwidth to actually focus on safety now that we’re not constantly bogged down in paperwork.
Ben Sleeman, Director of Safety for North America @ LMS Reinforcing Steel Group

With a Digital Safety Management Platform

Reduce costs and lower premiums

connect the field and office

Protect your business and your workers

Save time on administrative duties


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