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Maintain a Single Point of Truth | Between2Cranes Episode 1

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July 12, 2022


How does the industry as a whole start to educate its workers with the knowledge they need to be safe on and off the job site?

There’s no simple answer to this question. But in this episode of Between2Cranes, Amandeep Beesla and Gabe Guetta are breaking down what it takes to make safety second nature.

And it starts with educating.

By educating the workforce with the right safety training, we can start to build more naturally conscious workers, who take that training with them everywhere they go.

Now, safety training has come a long way since Gabe first entered the industry. But the truth is that it’s still far from perfect.

When I first entered the construction industry, I remember coming to site with no orientation, no formal training, [I was told] just go get it done.
Gabe Guetta, SALUS CEO & Co-Founder


Still, today there is no standard form of safety training for new workers entering the workforce. Which means the level of safety training someone gets is going to depend on the company they work for. And as we know, that can vary significantly from site to site. 

So how can the industry start to make those improvements?

Having a single source of truth for every form and manual in your company is a good place to start.

When companies rely on pen and paper for their safety management, there’s a lot more room for error. Forms might get updated, but overseeing that every site across multiple provinces has the newest version of a paper form isn’t easy.

That’s also how we see repeated incidents occur. Incident reports are intended to teach an entire company what not to do. It’s an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and know how to stop that from happening again. But when those reports are flying around companies in the form of paper or PDFs, it’s hard to ensure everyone gets their hands on it.

Fortunately, technology has made it so companies no longer have to rely on physical safety manuals or paper forms to get the job done.

With devices readily available in field-workers hands, a centralized safety platform can connect an entire company from field to office in real-time. This means a single source of truth can be accessible to every employee across every job site. A powerful tool when you’re looking to empower workers with the knowledge they need to make safe decisions.

Watch Episode 1 of Between2Cranes to hear the full conversation and stay tuned for next episode where Amandeep and Gabe are diving even deeper into the concept of connecting the field and the office.

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