Launching Social Media Channels

It is no secret that over the past 5 years, technology has advanced to the point where it has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Everywhere you look there are people glued to their phones with an infinite amount of information right at their fingertips. Recent studies have shown that 70% of Canadians currently own a smart phone and it is expected that this number will increase to 81% by 2020. The use of Smartphones is not a trend that will only last for a few years; it is a fundamental shift in how people connect and interact with one another.

While social media may not be as prevalent within the construction industry, 97% of construction professionals are active on social media and are seeking out opportunities to connect and engage with industry experts and businesses. To stay relevant and appeal to the masses, it’s not only important to understand which platforms to be active on, but to also understand how to engage with followers through the various platforms. Here are a few suggestions about which platforms your business should be active on as well as some tips on how to engage with your audience


With social media marketing becoming more and more popular, it is crucial to engage with your audience in a way that sets you apart from the thousands of other companies trying to do the same thing. One way to do this is by joining conversations that already exist and adding value to the conversation instead of the overused, in-your-face, interruptive marketing ads. To do this effectively you should understand your audience and find out what they are interested in and create content that would be relevant to them.


When deciding which social medial channel to develop a presence on, it is important to keep in mind who your target market is. The construction industry is unique because different construction roles will gather information from different channels and these channels may not always be the same on their personal profiles.

  • Choose platforms based on your brands target demographic
  • Follows your customers/potential clients on their personal profiles and engage with them there
  • Have your entire team follow your channels and encourage them to like, comment and share your content
  • Don’t spread yourself to thin. Choose 2 or 3 platforms and grow your following before launching additional platforms

If you’re struggling with deciding on which social media platforms to launch, here is a list of a few and how your audience will become engaged on each one:


  • Your audience can view contact information easily
  • Fans can engage with your posts (like, comment, share)
  • Launch ad campaigns
  • Share content that you’ve posted across all platforms


  • Messaging: With the 140-character limit, you have to write the message you want others to see
  • Industry Specific Conversations: Tap into the topics that are catching people’s attention within your industry
  • Hashtags (#): If you write a post and include hashtags (I.e. #Reno; #Construction; #Demolition, etc.) people who search for that given topic will be alerted to what you have written. The use of hashtags will benefit you in reaching more people while also leveraging the word of mouth aspects of Twitter


  • Connect with similar companies and industry professionals
  • Tap into existing connections & grow your brand through word-of-mouth—it’s not only about who you know, but about who your connections know
  • Publish Valuable Content: Posting articles or company updates regularly (at least once per weekday), you’ll have a better chance at remaining in each of your followers’ news feeds
  • Employees Connections: Your employees are your biggest advocates, and by adding them as followers you also tap into each of their networks which in turn, can expand your reach.


Your following won’t explode overnight—take the time to learn about the ins & outs of each platform and understand the different ways to engage, connect & appeal with your audience.