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COVID-19 Awareness Training For Construction Workers Presented By VOHS Consulting

The construction industry is working very hard to create the procedures and protocol required to manage the new coronavirus on the worksites. One of our partners, VOHS Consulting, just released its COVID-19 Awareness Training to help management and field-level workers, get the information they need to protect themselves and others during this pandemic.

In the course you will learn:

  • What COVID-19 is
  • How it is transmitted
  • What symptoms are typically reported
  • Ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Construction site responsibilities
  • Cleaning guidelines
  • Plus general worksite tips

The course is entirely online, and there is a quiz following the educational material.

There is a limited time 50% discount. All people that enroll will learn something new and support a good cause at the same time – the funds from this training tool will be used to support the Rapid Response to COVID-19 for the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health.

For enrollment in the COVID-19 Awareness training, please click the link below:

Click the link below to preview the course:

Enrollment is designed for one person at a time, but if anyone is interested in group registration, VOHS Consulting can arrange that behind the scenes.

Just contact Kathy ( / 778-512-1635)