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Building A Safety Culture | The Big Picture

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November 19, 2019

Building a true safety culture is NOT created by mandating that workers complete daily hazard assessments or by simply going through the motions to avoid danger on a worksite. Safety culture goes well beyond this. Even if someone is working “safe” when the safety officer comes on the worksite, why are they now motivated to work safely? What happens when they leave? It’s important to have the integrity to work safely at all times, through a well-built safety culture this would never be an issue.

80% of workers on a construction site feel that safety is just a series of tasks and documentation processes for administration. Right now, the status quo approach to safety is reactionary based on lagging indicators such as incident investigations. These are great for analyzing what went wrong, determining root causes and corrective actions.

We believe the path forward is proactive. By using leading indicators through safety software, people will understand how safety impacts their everyday lives. This way they can assess risks and identify danger before it becomes an incident; not because it was mandated, but because they have learned to see it for themselves.

The goal is to send everybody home to their loved ones in the same condition they arrived to the worksite.

First, we need to understand the mission of safety. The goal is to send everybody home to their loved ones in the same condition they arrived to the worksite. Beyond this, the goal is continuous improvement of the performance and quality that our teams deliver. Sounds simple, right? How many people in the field or management really understand this concept?

Developing a safety culture relies on changing the way people think about their normal understanding of everyday safety and risk tolerance. By educating the entire workforce in new safety processes they can identify hazards before they occur on the worksite.

Safety needs to be treated as a mindset, valued by customers, employees, leadership and the world at large. Our goal is to help people see life through the lens of safety. Where it is not viewed as an additional cost but a value multiplier and a more efficient workforce.

When articulated through a shared vision and expressed in core values and behaviors, everyone starts to be engaged in creating better work practices. As the safety culture aligns with a company mission the entire workforce will believe that safety is the optimal path forward.

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