Building A Bilingual Safety Platform With Broccolini

We sat down with Rebecca Zavaglia, Broccolini’s Health and Safety Coordinator, to talk about their experience transitioning to a digital safety program as a bilingual company.


Broccolini provides a range of services, acting variously as a General Contractor, Construction Manager, Project Manager, Property Manager, and Developer.

Broccolini is a trusted partner to many prominent brands, including:
Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Sobeys, Wal-Mart, Costco, Purolator, Amazon, National Bank, Ikea, Saks Fifth Avenue, ABB, Mountain Equipment Co-op, XTL Transport, and Public Works & Government Services Canada.

With 100 Employees, 59 Subcontractors, and 12 active worksites, Broccolini submits approximately 600 forms each day.

Q: Congrats on leading the successful implementation of Broccolini’s digital safety program. Can you share some insight into what life was like before going digital?

Before going digital, as Health and Safety Managers, most of our job revolved around document collection and storage – driving around collecting documents that could have had coffee stains or where the information would be inaccurate, or where they’d simply been lost. Once collected, we’d then have to scan everything into the computer.

Far too much time was spent on redundant tasks rather than improving our safety program.


Q: What was the tipping point for Broccolini to move away from paper-based safety?

Boxes of documents were piling up on the side, to be reviewed later and never were. I was continually tracking people down on sites, which took up a lot of time. It felt like I was always trying to keep up.

We decided it was enough and started looking at digital safety platforms. Eventually, we chose Salus and it’s been much easier ever since.


“Far too much time was spent on redundant tasks rather than improving our safety program.”


Q: What were the key drivers influencing your decision about which safety platform to choose?

We looked at a few larger companies, and their attitude was very much “you need us, and this is how it’s done.” The Salus team focused on our idea of success regarding safety and how their software could facilitate that. We worked closely to develop the proper forms and ensure a smooth rollout – the Salus team continues to be very responsive today.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced implementing your digital safety program?

The major challenge we face implementing any new software is that we are a bilingual company and require both English and French versions to maximize a platform’s effectiveness across the company.

To facilitate this, Salus added a dedicated resource to assist with the translation process. Their level of customer service is unmatched.


Q: What features do you enjoy most within the Salus platform?

Since Broccolini works with many subcontractors, I’d have to say the dashboard for subcontractor management – where I have a real-time view of worker counts and form submissions.

The dashboard is the first place I start my day. I look at who is active, where their form submissions are at for the day – then I identify any irregularities and prioritize what I need to focus on for the day.


Q: What kinds of returns are you seeing on the investments made in going digital?

The ROI is definitely in the thousands – Broccolini hired me to help ease the load on the other Safety Managers. Now I am managing everything and couldn’t be doing it without the power of SalusPro.

We’ve streamlined our entire system and eliminated the time wasted on redundant tasks by connecting our workforce through this app.


“We are a bilingual company and require both English and French versions to maximize a platform’s effectiveness across the company.”


Q: Has implementing the Salus platform helped to strengthen Broccolini’s safety culture?

We went from not knowing exactly how compliant our safety documents were to a position of knowing with 100% confidence that we are fully compliant.


Q: How many forms do you submit through Salus each day?

600+ each day.


Q: How has Salus improved your ability to work now that you have access to accurate data, reporting, and tools in the cloud?

Now, I spend more of my time optimizing our safety program. The Salus app is an integral part of my job, and I use it consistently throughout the day.

With the dashboards, I can see how many people are on our sites in real-time, review completed forms, and manage our worker certificates.

Before, I had to chase workers down on the job site. Anyone who has worked in construction knows workers can be known to hide, which adds another challenge to the equation.

The best part is that I can now do everything without leaving the office.


“I’d recommend SalusPro to anyone, 100%”
– Rebecca Zavaglia on working with SalusPro


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d recommend SalusPro to anyone, 100% – I cannot say enough good things about this platform and the Salus team. The software is intuitive, and the Salus team are easy to work with – even though we are two different companies, it feels like we are one.

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About Salus

Salus is a digital safety solutions provider for the North American construction industry. Founded by the former head of a high-rise window installation company, Salus has incorporated real-world site level safety experience into the design of its flagship platform, SalusPro – a web-based solution for the business level and mobile app for the field.

With workflows that mirror how safety programs operate in the construction industry today and with the ability to manage subcontractors, assets, incidents and compliance, Salus is at the forefront of innovation for cloud-based safety.

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