Appia Developments Using Safety Software from Salus Pro

Appia Development – Paperless Safety Case Study

We sat down with Ron Strik, Construction Manager from Appia Development, to learn how digital safety has impacted their safety program.


Jim Bosa established Appia Group of Companies in 1991.

His visionary leadership style and growing reputation for setting new standards is the driving force behind the company’s success as one of North America’s premier property development firms.

Appia has 20 employees and works with 150+ subcontractors regularly to complete residential and commercial construction projects across Vancouver and the lower mainland.


Q: What was the biggest factor in moving Appia from a paper-based safety program to a digital safety platform?

“It was Salus’ vision and passion for digital safety – starting right at the top with their CEO – for making safety documentation more accessible for the field-worker and where information can be collected and accessed with a few clicks of a button.”


Q: How many forms do your workers submit each day? 

“300 forms are submitted through the Salus app each day. Every worker submits a minimum of one daily risk assessment form. Between those and other forms that are required throughout the day, it adds up quickly.”


Q: Has implementing the Salus platform helped to strengthen Appia’s safety culture?

“Yes, 100%.”


“Overall, going digital has been a win-win for both the employees and the company.”


Q: What was the response from the field to the company’s shift to digital safety? Was there push back from workers?

“There is always a learning curve with something new, and people will tend to be resistant to change and shy away from improvements.

That being said, if you can show someone there are benefits and ease them into the process – it’s a matter of showing them the steps – and the Salus Customer Success team was very helpful at answering questions and demonstrating the logic behind the app.

Our workforce learned quickly that this app was saving them time and promoting safer work on our job sites.

Overall, going digital has been a win-win for both the employees and the company.”


Q: How has safety software helped to make you more efficient in your day-to-day?

“With a few clicks of a button, I know which subcontractors are on-site, which ones aren’t, and all the forms that have been submitted or not.

I can even go back in time and say, “you were or weren’t on-site on this day and time, why?” – which is powerful information to have at my fingertips.

It enables me to see who is certified and who’s not, and when their certification expires.

This way, I can be mindful of who can work a forklift, and who needs recertification soon. Before the app, we did all this manually.”


Q: What have you found to be the biggest advantages in working with digital forms versus paper?“

“We have different fields when filling out a daily risk assessment form. Some questions we ask aren’t relevant to high-level managers.

When I go onto a site, I’m only looking for specific fields, so it’s nice to have forms that can be adjusted digitally to streamline the process.

We can see what works, what doesn’t, and then adapt them to collect the right information.”


“This app is the future, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with it.”
– Ron Strik on working with Salus


Q: What is your favourite part of going digital with your safety program?

“Access to all sorts of information and forms such as first aid records, daily discussion reports, certified workers, certification expirations, test reports, scaffolding inspection, etc.”


Q: Any advice to other companies that are still practicing traditional safety documentation practices?

“This app is the future, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with it.”


Q: Since making the shift to a paperless program, are you seeing a tangible return on your investment?

“Easily thousands of dollars a year. To hire someone to go through, or do a COR certification with paper forms takes hours and hours to catalog everything.

With the Salus app, the information is already organized.”


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

“Working with so many different subcontractors, we needed an effective way to onboard everyone on the program.

The Salus team saw this as an opportunity to develop this feature that would help Appia drive adoption while providing great benefits to other companies moving forward.”


“Our workforce learned quickly that this app was saving them time and promoting safer work on our job sites.”


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About Salus

Salus is a digital safety solutions provider for the North American construction industry. Founded by the former head of a high-rise window installation company, Salus has incorporated real-world site level safety experience into the design of its flagship platform, SalusPro – a web-based solution for the business level and mobile app for the field.

With workflows that mirror how safety programs operate in the construction industry today and with the ability to manage subcontractors, assets, incidents and compliance, Salus is at the forefront of innovation for cloud-based safety.

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