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Building A Bilingual Safety Platform With Broccolini

We sat down with Rebecca Zavaglia, Broccolini’s Health and Safety Coordinator, to talk about their experience transitioning to a digital safety program as a bilingual company.

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About Broccolini

Protecting People, Property and Planet since 2000, ECOH Management Inc. (ECOH) is a respected provider of Environmental, Health and Safety consulting services.

With offices in Mississauga and Ottawa, Ontario ECOH specializes in Hazardous Materials, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management. Committed to providing clients with superior customer service, and with a proven ability to respond quickly and efficiently, ECOH offers unique solutions to environmental challenges.

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We are a bilingual company and require both English and French versions to maximize a platform’s effectiveness across the company.
Rebecca Zavaglia, Health and Safety Coordinator @ Broccolini’s

Building A Bilingual Safety Platform With Broccolini

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